10 Awesome Remote Work Blogs To Read In 2022

Companies will have to choose between granting workers more autonomy and trust, or ramping up more pervasive monitoring of activity and performance. Workers, in turn, will have to choose which companies they want to work for on the basis of how these decisions make them feel day-to-day and how effective they think they can be in their jobs. Either way, adapting to the challenges of distributed work amid a global economic crisis will require all organizations to retool their operational structures to be more fluid and agile. For these companies, the social contract for employment is not about showing up physically, but showing up mentally and engaging fully from wherever you are. The employees commit to being part of the team and doing the work, and the employer commits to making both possible. Companies that merely tolerate remote workers rarely expend the effort to make them part of the daily rhythms and incidental interactions at HQ. It’s easy for remote workers to do the work (often with more focus than their on-site colleagues) but still not be full members of the team.

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I’ve also noticed how you can set highly detailed permission levels for files and folders – for instance, you can make a file public or password-protect it with an expiration date. If you’ve got a smaller team or let’s say, a team that works out of G Suite, Hangouts might be a better option. When you access Hangouts on your browser, it’s pretty self-explanatory with options to Video Call, Phone Call, and Message. Any and all chats are synced automatically across all devices your team uses – iOS, Android, and web.

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Our ability to implement these changes in the face of COVID-19 varies widely among companies, but the rising awareness of the need to rethink the structure of work will have long-lasting impact. If you want to maximize your remote work productivity , read the Mailman blog. Teams and employees who struggle with remote work productivity. And while Buffer is a social management company, it shares its secret remote work approach through the Open blog. Learn how encouraging the right to disconnect is the best way for leaders to support teams, prevent burnout, and save time and costs across the business. About Management 30 – Management30 is a blog on leadership practices, started in 2010 by Jurgen Appelo. It conducts workshops for emerging leaders that aim to boost productivity, nurture innovation and increase happiness at work.

  • The Home Business Magazine is one of the oldest blogs in this list and goes back to 1994.
  • It’s important to note that establishing your online presence takes time and effort.
  • Companies that merely tolerate remote workers rarely expend the effort to make them part of the daily rhythms and incidental interactions at HQ.
  • If you want to maximize your remote work productivity , read the Mailman blog.
  • BorderlessMind helps enterprises, growth businesses and startups acquire the world’s Top 5% IT and Non-IT Remote Talent to become part of their critical projects.
  • We commonly refer to this small minority as remote workers in contrast to the vast majority on site.

Team-building to build trust & connection at work 67 questions to foster psychological safety on you… Learn how an upskill program keeps teams happy, retains employees, and attracts top candidates. Trello’s complete guide to making the three most common types of hybrid meetings work for your team. What I like about this platform is that it helps people to figure out if remote work is the right fit for them.

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Don’t be surprised if working from home feels extremely distracting. A recent survey said that 47% of the people who worked from home had difficulty remote work blog managing at-home distractions. You don’t have an office to go to, no colleagues to look forward to, and no reason to dress up smart.

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