Author Sabrina Oxford, fondly dubbed the “Queen of Kindness,” is poised to Publicly unveil her latest literary masterpiece, “100 Acts of Kindness”, May 21st~ Her Birthday! This groundbreaking book is not just a read; it’s an invitation to witness the transformative power of kindness in the business landscape.

In a world often dominated by competition and self-interest, Sabrina Oxford is a beacon of hope, set on a mission to empower 100 entrepreneurs and small businesses with an extraordinary act of generosity. Through her interactive book for the readers, she offers a unique opportunity for these businesses to connect with customers, free of charge, via custom QR codes embedded within its pages.

What sets “100 Acts of Kindness” apart is its innovative use of QR codes, each serving as a gateway to a world of people, surprises, and inspiration. Readers are invited to scan these codes and delve into the heartwarming tales of 100 individuals whose lives have been touched by acts of kindness.

“Meet the Queen of Kindness,” urges the book, introducing readers to a figure synonymous with compassion, resilience, and generosity. With every scan of the mystery code, readers are guided through narratives that touch the soul, reminding all of the power of human connection.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Amongst the myriad of QR codes lie hidden treasures, awaiting those who explore with intent. And for those seeking deeper insights, a special code unlocks a complimentary download of her last book: “Me Myself and AI” (Conversations with Artificial Intelligence). A thought-provoking compilation based on AI’s insights into overcoming challenges and fostering positive change, crafted by her questions and the answers came from ChapGPT3.

This book offers astonishing perspectives on how to save humanity, addressing a spectrum of questions everyone has in the back of their mind. Not to mention triumphing over adversity. What kind of questions you ask. How about: Who shot JFK? What’s the deal between good & evil? When is the rapture coming? What to expect? What is the purpose of life? These, and more, are answered with the most intriguing responses imaginable.

A Glimpse inside this wonderful interactive book for the readers!

Author Sabrina Oxford extends a heartfelt invitation to all to join this extraordinary journey. As the book prepares for public release on May 21st, her BIRTHDAY, she encourages everyone to be ready to scan, see, and change the world—one QR code at a time. By scanning and engaging with this enlightening content, readers become part of a global movement dedicated to igniting waves of transformation.

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About Sabrina Oxford:

Sabrina Oxford, renowned as the ‘Queen of Kindness’, has become an emblem of altruism through her countless acts of kindness that have touched the lives of many. Her journey of compassion began in childhood, following a profound experience that steered her towards a life dedicated to giving. Rising from the challenges of foster care, Sabrina has transformed adversity into a catalyst for change, channeling her energy into philanthropy and advocacy.

As an accomplished author and philanthropist, Sabrina donates half of her profits to fund college scholarships for foster teens, reinforcing her commitment to creating opportunities for the underserved. Her literary works and initiatives encourage individuals across the globe to cultivate compassion, demonstrate resilience, and recognize the impact of even the smallest acts of kindness.

Sabrina’s generosity extends beyond words; she has been instrumental in providing free assistance with website development, book publishing, QR code generation, and scriptwriting, among other creative endeavors. Her boundless energy and versatility leave many in awe, often leading to the question, “Is there anything she can’t do?” If it involves lending a hand, rest assured, Sabrina Oxford will find a way to make a difference.

Book Details:

  • Title: 100 Acts of Kindness
  • Author: Sabrina Oxford
  • Release Date: May 21, 2024
  • Publisher: Layla 
  • Format: Paperback, eBook

Contact Information : 

Person Name : Sabrina Oxford

Business Gmail :

Targeted Location : United States

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